Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm Your Biggest Fan

In the midst of yet another hot July we all need to do what we can to help beat the heat. For most of the population scattered across the globe our heat waves aren't the much sought after Tropical Heat Waves but just a series of days that the heat is unbearable, but you still need to go about your day to day operations. If you are lucky enough you can find a place to stay with Air Conditioning and wait for a cooler day to do things outside. There people who don't have access to or can't afford Air Conditioning, and even people who choose to go without air conditioning, but either way they'll tell you that a good fan is the only way to get some air circulating in a house. If you don't want to throw away money on one of those fancy overpriced Dyson fans, here are some more economical alternatives.

Clip-on fans are simple and easy to use. Wherever you want to move some air, just clip it to a shelf, desk, or table and plug it in. Clip-on fans allow you some degree of customization so you can point the fan in any direction you like. Unfortunately, because they can be used anywhere they are small and they don't move a lot of air. If you need the functionality of a clip-on fan but need to move a little more air you can upgrade to an Oscillating Clip-On Fan so you can clip it anywhere and the head will rotate for you.

Tower Fans are still relatively new as far as fans go. They can be comprised of either several circular fans positioned vertically or a system that works more like an inverted centrifugal pump. Either way, they are designed to move as much air as possible without taking up as much room as conventional fans in the same space. You can find Desktop Tower Fans, more economical Standard Tower Fans, and even Remote Controlled Tower Fans. There is even a kind of hybrid clip-on/tower fan that they call a Ultra-Slim Desk Fan.

When you buy a Fan online you get the benefit of not being limited to the number of fans available on the show room floor. You can buy Industrial Grade Heavy Duty Fans.  You can get a Giant All Metal 20 Inch Pedestal Fan as seen above or a Giant All Metal Base Fan.  If you want to go real big, you can pick up a Massive Blower Fan.  I don't know if it'll keep you cool at all, but it'll blow so much air you won't care.


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