Monday, July 19, 2010

It's Like a Giant Post-it Note

A fairly common situation has been playing out in board rooms across the globe.  People are sitting down for an important meeting, writing important things on their high-quality whiteboard with their high-quality whiteboard markers when they suddenly find themselves running out of room.  At this point the options are fairly limited, but if they had thought ahead they wouldn't be in this predicament.  If there was some extra cash in the department they could have bought a fancy electronic whiteboard that would allow them to print or email the current contents of the whiteboard, then erase it and continue writing.  If a lower-tech solution is preferred they could just purchase an easel pad that would allow them the ability to write on multiple pages, but force them to flip between pages when referencing previous materials.

MMM559 is Like a Giant Post-it Note

Closer to the easel pad on the technology scale, but using some kind of space-age technology developed by 3M, the Post-it Self-Stick Easel Pad is like the common every day ordinary easel pad, but it each page has an adhesive back allowing it to be removed and affixed to walls, tables, or any other flat surface.  So when the first page of important bullet points is full, tear it off and stick it on the wall and continue writing.  Certain amounts of care should be taken so the adhesive doesn't peel paint off from conference room walls or priceless antiques when the meeting is adjourned, but the product description does say "most walls" won't be damaged during this process.  Universal does sell a more affordable alternative to the Post-it Self-Stick Easel Pad, the Universal Self-Stick Easel Pad.  With the same number of sheets and the same sheet size the only difference is price... and the keen product images.

Self-Stick Easel Pads Make Every Meeting a Party

Just look at those people having a meeting with a Self-Stick Easel Pad, nobody couldn't have a better time.  See how the guy leading the meeting was able to remove the pages for "Agenda" and "Growth Opportunities" and stick them on the wall?  He essentially has an infinite surface area to cover with his ideas and other non-sequitur buzz-words.  The people at the meeting room table are so confident in his presentation skills that they haven't written anything down in their legal pads because they know they can reference those adhesive backed pages at any time.  They probably should have put their coffee cups on coasters of some kind.


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