Thursday, July 1, 2010

Prevent Your Office's Deepwater Horizon

I can't imagine many offices (if any) around the world have an issue with large holes in the ground that are constantly leaking oil, but every office has a leak or spill of some kind that they need cleaned up.  Whether you splash some shredder oil, dump out some Yoohoo, or accidentally bleed on the floor, somebody will have to clean it up, and there isn't always an easy way to clean up that liquid.

GreenSorb is a product that we had demoed and we were blown away.  The product is a high efficiency absorbent.  Click the bottle above and check out the video for it.  The demonstration is compelling, and even thought they really only show it working on motor oil, it will work on just about any liquid, semi-liquid, or gooey substance you throw at it.  It would do wonders for taking care of those odd liquids that always seem to collect in the back of your fridge, that gunk that sits in the bottom of your trash can, or that weird stuff that leaked in your house off the air conditioner.  GreenSorb is available in 2.4 or 4 pound shaker bottles for smaller jobs, a 20 pound box for larger problems, and a 25 pound bucket for people who are just plain messy.

Unfortunately, the people who supply GreenSorb know that there product, while great for household cleanups and some larger scale operations, isn't a solution for a problem like the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill down in the Gulf of Mexico.  GreenSorb is an equal opportunity absorber, so it will absorb ocean water as well as oil and once it has absorbed water and/or oil it would promptly sink to the bottom of the ocean where it can not be properly disposed of.  Even though you don't need to attempt to pick GreenSorb from the ocean floor, you should take care when disposing of if.  When you use it to absorb any kind of chemical you should still treat the GreenSorb with the same precautions you would with the original chemical.  Your city, state, or county may have special rules for disposing of potentially toxic waste, but most just suggest you wrap it up in two plastic bags and put it in your normal trash.

If you are cleaning up some kind of nasty bodily fluid you'll still want to have a good kit on hand so you have a good supply of rubber gloves and other precautionary measures.  If you are cleaning up some fairly standard oily mess you should be fine just a broom and dustpan.  If you are cleaning up spilled Yoohoo you'll need to be prepared for the emotional distress caused by the waste of even a drop of that delicious, calcium rich, chocolaty drink.


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