Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back to School Season is Upon Us

Those three magic words "Back to School" will send shivers up the spine of any red blooded American child when ever they are uttered. In the spirit of creeping out all of those children as much as possible American Express recently issued a press release with their projections for Back to School spending.  Their information shows that 39% of back to school shoppers are planning on spending more supplies than last year, so 61% of all consumers are planning on spending less than or equal to amount they spent last year.  The study goes on to say that 94% of all respondents where going to find ways to stretch their dollars and get more for less, and apparently money is no object for 6% of those Back to School shoppers.

While we can't help you out with making sure your kids are dressed to the nines and have the latest gadgety game player do-dads we can help stretch those school supplies budgets just a bit further.  A one secret of the frugal is that a #2 pencil is still a #2 pencil and a folder is still a folder. It doesn't matter if that pencil or folder came from a special Back to School section with "Rolled Back Prices", a big box office supply store, or if it was shipped to your door from one of 72 warehouses after you bought it online.  The only difference in those basic school supplies is going to be the price you paid for them, in dollars and cents or lost hair due to stress.

I don't know a lot about Back to School shopping (it has been many years since I had to be directly involved) but I do know a few things about retail tactics and the reason that they keep their Back to School supplies in the back of the store is it forces you to pass aisles and aisles of other things you might need to buy as long as you are out and about.  It happens thousands of times a day during Back to School season, people go to a store to buy a notebook and dozen pencils and leave with a full wardrobe of Ed Hardy sweat pants and a frying pan endorsed by Nick Jonas (if they are lucky they remember the notebook and pencil).

When you choose to buy your Back to School supplies online not only are you going to get great prices and a great selection but you won't get distracted by a display with Vince (the Shamwow Guy).  Thanks to advances in searching and sorting technology you can type a search phrase like "Dozen #2 Pencils", sort by lowest price, add it to your cart go on to the next item on the list.  You won't find convenience like this in a brick and mortar store.

A distinct advantage to buying your Back to School supplies from an Office Supply website is that we don't carry products that are geared specifically to catch the eyes of a younger audience and catch the wallets of their parent's wallet or purse off guard.  You can save a significant amount of money by purchasing plain products.  25 standard multicolored folders from any Office Supply website will easily cost less than a couple Lisa Frank folders from any retail chain.  As a matter of fact if can find Lisa Frank products on an Office Supplies website you probably shouldn't be looking there for Office Supplies, and yes there are places you can still find Lisa Frank products if you are so inclined.


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