Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fancy Recycling Bins Everywhere

The City of Cleveland Ohio recently announced that they are going to be rolling out a high-tech solution to get people to recycle more than before.  Each recycling bin will have an RFID tag and the recycling truck will take a note of how often you are taking out your recycling. If there is a large lapse a sanitation engineer will check to see if you are putting a large quantity of recyclables in your trash and you may be charged a fee.  To avoid this fee Clevelanders should probably think about investing in a nice Discounted Recycling Bin to keep around in the place.

As with all news on the Internet it is currently being discussed ad nauseum in some comments sections with opinions flying every which way but loose.  Thankfully this is an opinion column so I'll leave all that out and suggest maybe you need to turn up the pressure to remind people at your office to recycle everything they can.  On that note Rubbermade has manufactured a commercial grade recycling collection system that they call the "Glutton Recycling Station."

The kit includes 4 of the 23 Gallon Slim Jim containers that you put inside 2 of the 1/2 Glutton 56 Gallon containers and one huge lid with a bunch of swappable restrictive openings and a bunch of stickers to label things.  Because this is a Rubbermade container you know the Glutton is built to be a Glutton for punishment as well.  Since the Glutton is built with 30% post-consumer recycled resin you can rest assured that your purchase of a recycling system is helping to keep a little more trash out of the landfill even if you never use it.


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