Thursday, September 2, 2010

Biggest Binder Around

I was recently talking to one of my co-workers and he asked me if there was any way to attempt to neatly organize 1200 pages of paper.  I happened to have just talked to a friendly Samsill representative not to long ago who was showing off his 6-inch D Ring Binder.  This monstrous binder had to be specially manufactured to maintain it's shape while securely holding an extremely large quantity of paperwork.  Sure you could buy two 3-inch binders and lash them together with rubber bands, but you don't have any guarantee that they'll stay together forever.  Your customer records for L-Z in 1992 aren't nearly as exciting as the records for A-Z.

Get a good look at this behemoth because I don't think it is physically possible to create a binder any larger.  A similar 6-inch Binder is available in white as well if that fits your color scheme a little better, but it is still the same high quality D Ring Binder you need.  Thanks to the use of the D-Ring you can store a whole lot more paper than the standard round ring.  The documentation says it'll hold 1300 sheets of paper and I'll take them at thier word, I don't have 1300 sheets to test it with.

Inside this Huge Binder

This does of course make me wonder what it takes to fill this beast and what it is like once it is full.  Assume that it is filled with 1300 pages of the fairly common 24 lb paper which should weight around 16 pounds total (don't worry the math is complicated).  16 pounds isn't to heavy, but it probably isn't something I'd trust my grandmother to carry around.  But as you lug your extra large heavy duty binder around the office you can rest assured that once upon a time that same weight in ham was worth 1.6 million dollars.


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