Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Office Supply Detective investigates The Chive White Board Girl

I probably spend to much time reading blogs when I should be doing important family things but I didn't catch The Chive's Girl quits job using white board bit until it was on the rebound of it officially bieng a hoax.  I guess I never found it particularly interesting when there were rumors about new iPods to watch for (I do have priorities).  In hind sight I don't know why I didn't think to ask myself a little about this hoax and just for the sake of curiosity take a look at the office supplies at stake here.

First you've got a white board.  Looks pretty nice, a fairly thick border and for some reason she left the two magnets attached even though she doesn't use them (obviously they came with the board).  I can't gaurantee that this Quartet Dry-Erase Board is the same one as used in The Chive hoax, but it looks pretty close.  It includes a thin point marker and two magnetic circles.  My guess is that the manufacturer may have changed thier product slightly over time and just never gave thier supplies a proper updated product image.

Assuming that used the included fine-tip black marker for most of the production and just for the sake of my sanity that they were doing it on the cheap AND wanted to continue using Quartet brand products the best option for them to draw the flames is with this red low-oder dry erase marker.  There are literally thousands of dry erase markers available, so there is no gaurantee it is even close, but I think it is good enough.  A chisel tip would allow them to vary between thick and thin lines as you see in the photos.

So why don't you grab your own white board and take a series of pictures of yourself with messages you wrote and send them to us.  I'll make a random guess as to what kind of supplies you used to create your photos.


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