Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Top 10 Green Office Supplies

Because the internet loves lists and more office supply manufacturers are heading down the route of eco-friendly products I present you with the Top 10 Green Office Supplies.

10.  GreenSorb

I've blogged about GreenSorb before and it's an all natural, non-toxic absorbent material that will absorb 6 times more liquid than the traditional clay used in most buisness places these days.  Available in 2.4 pound and 4 pound shakers.

9.  Papermate Biodegradable Pen

A large portion of this Papermate pen has is made from corn derived plastics and is Biodegradable.  They do include directions on the packaging for properly disposing of the pen as some portions are not able to be reclaimed. Available with black or blue ink.
8. Acco Recycled Paper Clips

Acco has pulled out all the stops for these Recycled Paper Clips.  Made from 50% pre and 50% post consumer waste, even the box is made from recycled paper products.  They are every bit as good as standard paper clips, but eco-friendly.  Available in jumbo or regular sizes.

7. Genuine Joe Eternity Mat

These floor mats are made from 99.9% post-consumer recycled materials.  The carpeted surface is made from plastic bottles and the rubber backing is made from tires.  I assume the other 0.1% of materials is an adhesive keeping it together.  Available in 36", 60" or 72" length.

6.  Pilot B2P Gel Pen

The casing for these pens is made from recycled plastic and the ink is the now classic G2 Gel Refill so it is easily refillable.  The pen is 89.9% recycled materials, so I assume bits like the spring, and obviously the ink cartridge, are from standard manufacturing sources.  Available with Red, Blue, and Black ink.
5.  Baumgartens Conserve Disposable Cutlery

Made from corn starch, these disposable pieces of silverware are just as rugged and durable as plastic silverware, but won't sit in a landfills forever.  Spoons, Forks, and Knifes are available.
4.  Ticonderoga EnviroStik

Each pencil is made from 35% recycled post-consumer waste and any wood used is from reforested supplies.  The eraser is biodegrable.  No harsh finishes or lacquers are used and even the ferrule is recyclable.  It is one of the few products that is 100% bioderadable or recyclable.  Only available by the dozen.
3.  Henkel CareMail Greenwrap

You never have to use plastic petro-bubble wrap again.  Henkel's CareMail Greenwrap is a great substitute and is made from "renewable resources."  It is 0% recycled material and we can't be sure it comes from sustainable forests, but it is easily recycled.  Available in 26 foot and 75 foot lengths.
2.  Seventh Generation Paper Towels

Hopefully you've heard of Seventh Generation before. 100% recycled with 80% post-consumer waste.  No fragrances and whitened without chlorine.  With the amount of paper towels an office goes through, this is a must have.  Available in regular sized or smaller select-a-sheet.
1. Mohawk Recycled Paper

The most often purchased supply at any office is easily paper and when you have a paper that is 100% post-consumer waste and created using wind power it is an easy choice for the eco-friendly office.  Available in a 500 sheet ream.


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