Monday, January 10, 2011

Frixion Ball Knock Pens

I might not live and breathe office supplies, but I know what I like and I notice when something new comes around. So while on my Holiday vacation and spending time in an Okinawa "News Shop," I noticed something new.

Pilot Frixion Ball Knock Display

Buried in a display of pens with cartoon characters attached and other various writing implements that make you say "only in Japan," I found a display for Pilot Frixion Pens. It included the erasable pen with cap (featuring a slightly modified tribal decor) and a new player in the game- a Pilot Frixion in retractable form. My immediate reaction was "Tom Selleck Mustache (waterfall sandwich)," since the shiny cartoon spokesman has a great mustache, but then I calmed down and actually looked at the pens. They were just as previously described- a retractable version of the usual Pilot Frixion.

Pilot Frixion Ball Knock Pamphlet

There was a pamphlet that was also available, so I picked one up. It has all the excitement you could want from promotional material for office supplies in another language. Which is to say- not very much. One interesting oddity was at the bottom of the back of the pamphlet where they attempted to explain how the ink disappears.

Frixion Chemistry 101

The diagram clearly shows that when molecule A bonds with molecule B, it appears as normal ink. When you apply heat, molecule B prefers to bond with molecule C and makes things transparent.

Sadly, for now and the immediately foreseeable future, you can't purchase the Frixion Ball Knock in the U.S. from any of your normal retail chains. You can still purchase any number of standard Pilot Frixion Pens and Highlighters but the retractable variety are left solely to the Japanese. If you really, really, really need to get your hands on a retractable Pilot Frixion, you can find them at Japanese import resellers, but you'll pay a premium.

If you want to see these pens in the U.S. add your comment below and I'll pass them on to our Pilot rep. Maybe it'll help get these to market faster.


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