Thursday, January 20, 2011

Here's to You Mediocre Sharpie Artist

In the grand tradition of Bud Light's Real Men of Genius commercials I'd like to salute a mediocre Sharpie artist.

Here's to you Daniel Bell. I couldn't tell you what odd combination of words I was searching for on Google that allowed me to find out about you, but I did. You called your blog "xADDICTED TO SHARPIEx" because you like to draw with Sharpie. Maybe you also like the X-men or Windows XP so much you added extra x's at the beginning and end. Nobody will know unless they take the time to ask you. I was hoping for some interesting Sharpie art (as you might note from previous posts, I do like some Sharpie art), but found some scans of some real oddities.

Is the idea interesting?  Might you find this on a coffee mug owned by a cat lady?  Does it pale in comparison to drawing on a Lamborghini?  The answers to all of those questions is yes.  I went online to see if anybody had ever mentioned Daniel's blog before and the only reference I could find was him writing about himself on Twitter.  He posted artwork for 3 months before giving up and gave up on Twitter shortly thereafter.  So here is your 15 minutes of fame Daniel Bell.  You will now be exposed to tens of new potential eye-balls.

Should you, mediocre Sharpie artist ever decide to pick up your permanent markers again and create artwork for me to look down my nose at you'll be best advised to buy those Sharpie markers online.  Should you decide to come up with another piece like "IT'S 12 O'CLOCK... IT'S MIDNIGHT"  you'll need an additional supply of markers.  It takes a lot of marker to make that much black.


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