Friday, January 28, 2011

Praise for

I generally leave this kind of shameless self-promotion to the Marketing folks, but every-once in a while I can't help but toot our own horn.  We got this email by way of LinkedIn from a first time customer and couldn't help but share it.

My name is David. My wife and I are in New York. We just
became huge fans of! LOL My wife was desperate
for an ergonomic chair that would help her with her posture and arm
rest issues. We looked all over, on line, and we decided to take a
chance with DOI. Much to my wife's happiness and mine, we got her
chair next day. All the parts were there, the product was in new
condition, and there were so many painless aspects of our transaction,
that I wanted to find someone on LinkedIn to give a personal thanks to.
You drew the short straw. Thank you and your employees for doing such a
great job with customer service!

You guys are awesome! Thank you. Very happy customer.


We are extremely proud that we can supply our customers a great shopping experience and great prices.

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