Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Poor Excuse for a Rubber Band Gun

Is that a rubber band gun, or a pen?  I guess it depends on who you are trying to convince this product is a good idea.  If you are a kid trying to impress your friends, it is totally a gun used to shoot bands of colored rubber in the direction of other kids.  If you are a kit trying to convince your parents and/or teachers that you are to grown up for shenanigans, then it is a pen.  If you are not a kid, then this product is a cheap conglomeration of two otherwise useful products.


The Rubber Band Shooter Blaster Supreme (what a name) is the follow up to the Rubber Band Shooter.  You can waste a few minutes of your day and compare the two, but basically the Blaster Supreme version of the product will shoot a rubber band more often and not get stuck when compared to the previous version.  I see no advantage to using this gun over the standard wrap the rubber band around your hand maneuver.  The marketing geniuses at Hogwild toys will even sell you rubber bands that are specifically sold to work with your Rubber Band Shooter (also notice they never call it a "gun").

But you know what?  I'm in a generous mood today.  So here's some free advice.  Don't waste your time or money on this rubber band shooter/pen contraption.  Just go out and purchase some real pens and use those to write.  You can't go wrong with a Zebra Sarasa, so just add them to your online shopping cart.  I just gave you permission.

Really?  Just a pen isn't enough for you, you still want to shoot rubber bands at your friends and family?  Well go ahead and pick up a bag of assorted rubber bands.  You'll have a pound of various and oddly shaped rubber bands so you can shoot the smaller ones at Little Suzie, and bigger ones at Lumberjack John.

There, now don't you feel smart for not getting pulled into the lure of yet another rubber band gun?  You are not only incredibly smart, but incredibly good looking as well.  Congratulations.


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