Thursday, February 17, 2011

Scotch Tape Gives You Super Powers

If you are counting the number of times I post content that is way behind the times prepare to put another notch in your bedpost.  But I was just pointed to an article in the New York Times from October of 2008 that caught my eye.

Apparently, when tape is unpeeled in a vacuum it unleashes a fair amount of energy.  Some of that energy is largely available as x-rays, but when unpeeled in a normal office environment so sadly you won't get to x-ray your co-workers.  Don't go trying to perform this experiment inside your Hoover Vacuum, they mean a proper scientific vacuum.  But technicalities aside, some scientists were able to create an actual x-ray image of a thumb using just scotch tape in the proper conditions.  The experiments with duct tape, but not masking tape (read the article for details).

So go ahead and live out your dreams of becoming a super hero and buy some Scotch Tape.  I can't promise you that you'll fly or have ice breath, but you can have x-ray vision if you have access to the proper scientific equipment.  But really, who needs super powers when you have the power to safely affix photos to your scrapbook with superb archival quality adhesive.


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