Friday, September 16, 2011

Office Makeover Giveaway

Look, I know you are busy.  We are all busy people.  But sometimes you have to take a break from all that hard farming you are doing on your farm-related Facebook games, turn off the television from your New Jersey-related Reality Show, and do something proactive for your work space.

Take a look at your hands.  Are they on a keyboard or a touchscreen?  Great!  You have an Internet device.  Does that Internet device usually stay in one room?  Awesome! You have an office.

Now look at your wallet.  Is it bulging with money because of all the cash you have?  Sweet!  Go find an envelope and mail it to me. I'll wait.  Okay, now everybody's wallet is on the same level.  Wouldn't it be great if you could spruce up your office without having to worry about the fact that your wallet is empty? Of course it would be.  So here's the deal. is running a Giveaway for an office makeover.  The grand prize is worth over $4,000.  That means you could have an office setup on par with the Vice President of the average medium-sized company.  A desk, a chair, a bunch of organizers and a free TouchPad.  That's all the things you'd need to really give your office the professional feel that you deserve.  You could really get some farming done if you had an ergonomic chair, couldn't you?

I know what you are thinking.  That sounds great, but I never win anything. The cards are always stacked against me and so I shouldn't even waste my time entering because it'll just be a waste.  Well, today your luck is going to change.  Somebody has to win this prize and so far there have only been 24 contest entrants. If you enter right now you will be the 25th entrant so you'd have a 4% chance of winning (if the winner was picked randomly).  A 4% chance is like a million times better odds than winning the lottery.  That's better odds than finding a quarter in your jeans after they come out of the dryer.

Here's the deal.  Take a picture of your office.  If you don't have an office take a picture of the room that you keep your computer or Internet device in.  If you don't have an computer or a room you keep it in, then take a picture of the space that you'd like to setup an office.  If you don't even have that, then just take a picture of your chair.  Now upload that photo to the Office Makeover Giveaway App and tell all your farming buddies to get on the bandwagon and vote for you.  There are buttons on the page so you can spam share the link with them constantly.  Just don't tell your friends that you have a 4% chance of winning because they'll want in and decrease your chances. What have you got to lose?

Still not convinced?  Okay, fine.  You win.  I'm pulling out all the stops now.  This is total used car sales man style now.

Look at this:

Yes, Portal.  That game that all your non-farming game friends talk about whenever they say the cake is a lie.  Why is the cake a lie?  You need to play the game to find out.  You have to solve a lot of puzzles.  You like puzzles right?  Great.  Now head over to Steam and start downloading it.  It's not a small download so it might take some time.

So what are you going to do while you are waiting for the download to finish?  You could do more virtual farming, but that'll just decrease your download speed.  If only there was something fun you could do that was mostly uploading.  Uploading doesn't affect your download speed.  I've got it!  Upload a photo to the Office Makeover Giveaway!


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