Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Office Chairs with Free Returns

Buying office furniture can be fraught with tough decisions. Do you purchase more expensive higher quality furniture that will last longer? Do you purchase cheaper furniture that will need replacing sooner? Do you buy online to save money or in a store so you can sample the product? has solved all your chair buying problems by allowing free return shipping on select office chairs for a limited time. This is your chance to shop for chairs online with no risk! If your chair isn't as comfortable as you would have liked, you can send it back at no charge.

Rather than saving money online, many people shop for office furniture at big box stores only because they can sit in the chairs and get a feel for them before buying (sadly, racing chairs down the aisles is frowned upon at most retailers). Now you have a way to take advantage of online savings without having to worry about being saddled with an uncomfortable saddle.

The six qualifying chairs represent a variety of products from Basyx, from an Executive Leather Chair to a Mid-Back Work Chair with a Mesh Seating to a Guest Chair. Basyx is a division of Hon Furniture, offering the same Hon quality at lower prices. One of these chairs could very well be the one for you. If so, you'd better make sure to get it ordered. If not, the free return shipping means no harm done.

Update! The free returns policy now applies to all chairs!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Holiday Planning

Yes, it's November already. Yes, you have to start thinking about it. No, you shouldn't wait. The holiday season is approaching and you have to be ready for it.

You don't have to have gifts purchased for everybody on your list yet (although if you are looking, check out this selection of printers, digital cameras and mp3 player accessories), and you should definitely wait before you start blasting the Christmas music, but there are things you can do now to be prepared for the impending festivities. has created a holiday headquarters covering all of your seasonal needs. You'll find everything you need to package presents and cards such as tape, boxes, envelopes and labels. Make sure you're not caught without when it comes time to get that parcel in the mail. If you're planning a party for your office or your friends, you'll need enough plates, plastic cups, napkins and other party supplies to properly celebrate.

If your office is doing a Secret Santa exchange, do you need something for that special somebody that you vaguely recall seeing in the breakroom once? Check this page for cheap gift ideas that will still put a smile on someone's face.

Of course, will be rolling out some amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in two weeks. In the meantime, every week leading up to the big days, there will be big savings on different products to keep the spirit going.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

How to Create Personal Space in an Open Office

If you work for one of a growing number of companies that have adopted an open office environment, someone nearby may be reading this blog post right now over your shoulder. That's not such a bad thing, but you may feel differently about your neighbor's glances when you work with sensitive information, or when you'd prefer to work without your performance being monitored. And if you're also someone who is easily distracted by chatter, music, or ringing phones, you're probably more challenged at times existing in your open office than performing your job.

Even extroverted individuals who love an open office need quiet, solitary moments on occasion – and not just in the restroom. Below are some suggestions for how open office inhabitants can attain a comfortable amount of privacy without resorting to eye poking or phone smashing.

  • Bring in plants. Place greenery on a variety of levels to create barriers, and enjoy some privacy without blocking out your coworkers entirely. Large plant containers can also provide some privacy.
  • Hang curtains or screens. Consider using transparent materials so light can pass through, and feel free to open and close these decorative blockades as needed.
  • Install room dividers. Panels come in a variety of heights, so walls don't have to seal you off from the rest of the room, and you can arrange individual panels into cubicles or something more area specific.
  • Arrange desks strategically. Bring together the best Tetris players in the office and have them figure out desk arrangements that make it harder for coworkers to stare at each other, while maintaining an open office setting.
  • Wear headphones. Your ears will sustain privacy from onlookers, but most importantly, you'll drown out distracting noises with your favorite music or sounds of ocean waves crashing on a Caribbean shoreline – whichever works best for you.
  • Add filters onto monitors. Privacy filters help protect sensitive information from being viewed on computer screens by unauthorized gazers.
  • Designate private workspaces. If your office still has a spare room where privacy seekers can temporarily relocate, establish that space as a leave-­me-­alone zone, and enforce rules that protect employee privacy.

So, there you have it. Feel free to turn around now and discuss these ideas with your neighbor so you can both come to an agreement about how to best create privacy – quickly. Do you already have some ideas for creating privacy in the office that you've successfully implemented? Please share your ideas with the rest of us!