Thursday, July 18, 2013

Buy School Supplies, Get Gift Card

Back to School season is nearly upon us. It's time to start thinking about everything students will need for school... and the associated drain on your budget. We're going to make your life easier. How would getting a gift card for up to 20% of your purchase sound?

That's the new deal Tops Products and Cardinal are rolling out from now until the end of September. Buy $50 worth of qualifying products and you can send in for a $10 gift card for either The Home Depot or Target. The qualifying products are things that you'll probably need anyway, like notebooks and binders.

The Cardinal binder pockets can help keep your binder organized. Not only do the pockets allow additional storage for papers that may not be hole punched, they also act as dividers to sort the binder into sections for easy organization. Zipper binder pockets zip up, allowing larger items like pencils or handheld calculators to be stored easily.

You'll also find binders available, and everybody can use those in the office. Remember, it's not just students and teachers who are eligible for the gift card!


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