Friday, September 20, 2013

Free Returns on Swingline Shredders

We've talked about the importance of having an office shredder instead of relying on third-party shredding services. We've also talked about making sure your company has the right shredder. We've also gushed over Swingline's Stack-and-Shred shredders that do the tedious part for you. Now here's an offer that allows you to not only take our word for it, but see for yourself with no risk.

This is an opportunity to try one of five Swingline shredders with a free return if you aren't satisfied. Under this program, you won't have to worry about being saddled with shipping costs if a shredder doesn't work for you. We doubt that would happen, as the selected shredders are all designed for heavy office use, including three different Stack-and-Shred models.

All of the shredders are cross cut, shredding paper into small confetti-style particles to guarantee your security. For more information on shredding size or to see more shredders, check out our buying guide.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Out With The Old

This is a product availability alert! Hon is known for quality and classy business furniture and they wanted us to get the word out about a couple of their lines that are being discontinued later this month. Time is running out on getting a brand of desks, credenzas and drawers that combine subtle touches of style with convenience.

The Hon Attune series will be coming off the market on September 28. The series is designed to offer a contemporary look while offering neat accents like frosted glass modesty panels and slim pedestals. If you're still looking for desk furniture after the Attune series is gone, consider the Hon 10700 series. This is durable laminate furniture that has a similar modern look at a much lower price.

Another of Hon's sets scheduled to be discontinued is the Simplicity series of panels. These are used to create cubicles and workstations. The suggested replacement is the Versé series by Basyx. This series is easy to put together, offers color options that go better with other Hon furniture and is still lined with the same fabric to allow employees to hang photos, organizers and anything that makes their job easier and more comfortable.