Monday, March 17, 2014

Why Pay For Free Shipping?

The annual fee for Amazon Prime has increased to $99 a year. The program's main feature is offering free, fast shipping on a large number of the site's items. At first, it sounds like a fair product, selling some piece of mind and ensuring that you don't have to compare shipping options or expenses. At some point, however, there has to be a realization that paying a hundred dollars for free shipping is... a bit off.

We generally like the philosophy that free shipping should be something that's, you know, free. That's why we keep it simple: unless you're buying something ginormous that requires a freight truck, if the order's over $45, it ships free. Below that, it's $8.99, still a far cry from $99. It's easy to get to the magic free shipping number. Look around our site and find a bunch of stuff that you need, or even just one thing that you really, really want... like a memory foam back rest for your office chair.

"But What About the Fast Part?" I hear you hypothetically asking. Note the shipping time on that back rest. That's right. Thanks to a network of distribution centers all over the country, there's no need to pay more for expedited shipping. A large majority of customers get their orders the next business day at no additional cost. Better yet, we offer free returns on select brands of dry erase boards, chairs and shredders, meaning that if you don't like what you get, the shipping back to us is also free.