Thursday, August 7, 2014

Complete Desk Suites

Buying office furniture is never easy. Any desk arrangement has to meet several criteria. It has to fit within an allotted space. It has to have enough storage and surface area for the user. It has to hold a computer, monitor and whatever cables come with them. Most of the time, elements of a proper desk configuration are sold separately, leaving you to visualize if a desk, pedestal and return will all fit together without taking too much space. The solution to this last problem is clear- order a full desk suite as a set.

Most of the time, the ideal set-up will be one of many common arrangements. There's a simple desk with a pedestal and either a left or right return. Perhaps you'd like a hutch on top of that. A credenza on the other side will create a U-Workstation, or eliminate the bridge and stick with desk space on the front and back.

Both Hon and bbf offer desk suites that take the guesswork out of office furniture and offer a full set designed to meet your needs. Series like the Hon Voi make sure that there are plenty of stylish options if you're going for something less traditional. Check this page for more information on buying a desk suite!


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