Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Seeing the Leitz

Esselte is no stranger to the office supply world, best known for being the makers of popular filing supply brands Oxford and Pendaflex, in addition to several other brands around the world. At least they were; they sold several of their brands, including both Oxford and Pendaflex, last spring. This isn't a bad thing; those brands are doing just fine at their new home with Tops Products and Esselte can begin to focus on some of its lesser-known items. This includes Leitz, emerging from the shadows with a neat new toy that offers simplicity to a product that had never been confused for simple- the label printer.

The Icon Smart Labeling System puts Leitz on the map. It's a wireless label printer that is both mobile and flexible. Cartridges are easy to load, snapping into place quickly without the need to spool or thread paper. They're also easy to unload, so you can swap one label size out for another in seconds. While labeling software is available for the PC or Mac, the real appeal is making a label on your iPhone or iPad and printing it instantly. A battery pack, available separately, can power the printer for up to four hours, making a truly wireless printing experience.

As you begin planning your holiday shopping, Leitz has many other products worth considering, including staplers with interchangeable cartridges, iPhone and iPad cases with built-in stands, and mobile battery packs and charging stations.


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