Friday, November 21, 2014

Great Black Friday Deals (That You Can Get Before Black Friday)

We're a week away from Black Friday and the task of holiday shopping. For many, this means gearing up for the chaos of early morning sales (and for them, we have a fine selection of safety gear to wear to the occasion). For an increasing number of people (up to 47% in latest surveys, higher than any type of retail store), online shopping is the primary way to buy gifts. If you're doing your holiday shopping online, why wait until next week? The sales have already begun and there's no reason not to get started.

Our holiday doorbusters are in full swing, with 30 items to make people of all ages happy, at a price to make your wallet even happier. All of them are worth a look, but there are a few that should be big hits, including an NFL Post-ItDispenser for just $6.99.

Other popular stocking stuffers will include a 4 GB flash drive for $4.99 and an LED flashlight for $5.99. Heck, order this cross stitch kit and you can make the stocking yourself! It's one of many crafting supplies now available, as is this jewelry tool kit. It won't fit in a stocking, but this mesh chair is both comfortable and functional, and priced at under $100. Movie fans around the office will also appreciate a red Swingline stapler.

Finally, a present for the whole office will be an OfficePRO Keurig coffee machine and a set of K-Cups. The deals run through December, but are available now, so get your shopping started!

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