Thursday, March 19, 2015

Has The Toilet Paper Roll Debate Been Solved?

A while ago we stuck our noses into the debate between whether restrooms should have paper towel dispensers or air dryers (verdict in favor of towel dispensers). At the time, we mentioned the eternal debate over the proper way to position a roll of toilet paper. There hadn't been much reason to butt into this argument, as it's clearly a matter of personal preference. What sort of empirical evidence could exist that gives more credence to one side over another?

That is the 1891 patent for the toilet paper roll, clearly showing that the original inventor of the product is the founding member of Team Over. Side note- 1891?! The telephone was patented before that! Ponder the implications.

So after a coup like that, all that's left for Team Under is to concede defeat and resignedly switch their rolls over, right? Somehow we don't see that happening. Even as the debate is settled, personal preference will still win out, no matter how wrong one side is. That or Team Under refugees will all gravitate towards center-pull dispensers.

As of press time, there is no word on whether the patent addressed the problem of cats, or if special dispensation is granted to allow cat owners to continue going under.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Emergency Charger For Your Phone... And Your Car

Nobody can get anything done with a powerless mobile phone. If the battery dies, so does your productivity. Thankfully, power banks and portable battery packs are now available, offering a way to take a few extra hours of life with you wherever you go.

These battery packs are potential life-savers. Smartphones aren't always able to get through the entire day without a recharge, especially if you do a lot of work away from your computer. So it's easy to see the benefit of carrying spare power around. There is another place where extra battery power can make the difference between a productive day and disaster- your car. It doesn't happen as often, but the effects of a dead car battery are expotentially devastating.

Without an auto service or the combination of a helpful friend with jumper cables and the knowhow to use them, you're stuck. Now imagine if supplying your car with emergency power was as easy as charging your phone.

That's right, Weego now has battery packs that charge both electronic devices and engines! Not only your car or truck, but also your boat, motorcycle or ATV as well. All three of the Jump Starter models will recharge phones, laptops and tablets, but depending on the engine of the vehicle you want to keep charged, you may need to upgrade beyond the standard pack. This comparison chart will help you determine whether you need the standard, heavy duty or professional pack.