Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Back to School Products Now as Low as a Penny!

Doesn't it feel like summer just started? It's almost August already and it's time to start thinking about picking up school supplies. For yourself, for the family, even for the classroom. When factoring in all the notebooks, pencils and folders, it can add up to quite a lot. But smart shopping can make a dollar go far. With the prices available here, a quarter, a nickel, even a penny will go a long way!

This year's Back To School page is full of some amazing deals that cover a wide range of school essentials. Calculators are going for three dollars, notebooks are fifty cents, and a dozen pens are yours for five cents. Everything from pencils to folders to art supplies like scissors and glue are listed. Though they may be more than a dollar, check out the savings on helpful technology items like a USB drive or a graphing calculator.

We want everyone to take advantage of this deal, so quantities are restricted for each item.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

New Chemical Labels Make It Easy To Comply With New GHS Regulations

Starting this summer, new regulations regarding how companies identify hazardous chemicals are going into effect. This is an effort to make chemical labeling consistent around the world in accordance to the UN's Global Harmonization System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. This current phase applies to chemical manufacturers. Distributors must begin to comply with this new labeling system by the end of the year. By next June, any workplace that stores chemicals must give them proper labels.

These labels will need to be everywhere, and workplaces will soon be required to maintain the accuracy of these labels, or add them to other containers if a container is being transported or divided (using the ol' fire diamond is acceptable as long as the data stays consistent). As you can see, the new labels have many more required details, including the exact name of the material, identification of the hazards it poses (complete with a new set of pictograms), information on who supplied it, instructions on handling it, storing it, and what to do in case of an accident.

This new labeling standard has many implications for businesses, especially hospitals, factories, construction sites, restaurants and food production plants. Labels need to be clear, consistent, and accurate. Equally important, they need to be reliable no matter the surface or conditions. Avery is making the process easy by introducing a new series of labels specially designed to be GHS-friendly.

Avery's GHS Chemical Labels are available in several sizes and make GHS compliance easy in two ways. One is their design template software, which is pre-formatted to GHS standards. Forms ask you for information, and pictograms and safety instructions are placed automatically based on your input. GHS labels feature a high-performance adhesive and a surface that resists chemicals, scratches, water, UV rays and tearing. You won't have to worry about the labels fading away or falling off, even in rough conditions.

These GHS regulations may be cumbersome for companies, but the amount of information on the label, and its clean presentation, makes them worthwhile for workplace safety. As this standard becomes the norm around the world, it will make employees everywhere more conscious of the hazards around them and better prepared to avoid or treat any accidents involving chemical materials.