Thursday, August 13, 2015

Finding the Right Privacy Filter Just Got Easier

Work happens everywhere nowadays. We're not just getting things done on a desktop computer in the privacy of our own offices. We're in open office environments with nosy co-workers walking by. We're on laptops in coffeehouses, parks, or trains. We're on smartphones and tablets pretty much everywhere. What we do on these devices is still as personal and sensitive as it has always been, maybe moreso with the rise in corporate and identity theft. At the same time, it's increasingly likely that the wrong people will be able to see what we have on our screens.

Privacy filters have been around for a while and the technology hasn't changed much. They've been simplified and streamlined down to fit LCD monitors, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, but it's still the same concept. The filter keeps the screen clear to someone directly in front of it, but anyone at an angle only sees black.

They're available for screens of all sizes, no matter how old. That leads to the biggest reservation people have when shopping for privacy filters- finding the one that fits their screen. Not everybody knows the right way to measure a screen, or factor in ratios, frames, and tabs to the equation.

First off- diagonally. Every screen from the old clunky CRT to the tiniest smartphone is measured corner-to-corner starting and ending at the part that actually emits an image. The frame doesn't count, and the horizontal/vertical measurements don't help unless you feel like applying Pythagorean theorem.

There is now a simpler way to do it. Presenting our Privacy Filter Finder!

We've worked with 3M to provide the easiest way to find the right privacy filter for your device. This will provide a listing of all compatible 3M privacy filters and screen protectors with minimal input. If you'd like, you can still enter the screen size and ratio for your LCD monitor, laptop or Chromebook. Or you can enter the model of your device (including tablets and smartphones) to instantly return all the right filters. When it's this easy, there's no reason not to ensure the safety of the information of your screen and keep it away from prying eyes.


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