Friday, September 25, 2015

New NFL Team Staplers

A new football season is upon us and we now have more ways than ever to show your love for your favorite team with the items on your desk. Our newest series will not only show off your colors, but even offer a rebate that will let you get even more of your favorite NFL merchandise!

NFL Scotch Tape dispensers and Post-It Note dispensers are still around this season. The Scotch Tape dispenser takes the form of your team's football helmet while the Post-It dispenser puts the logo on a teed football. Get these products while they're still available!

Our newest NFL product is a Swingline stapler featuring team colors, logo and name. These are the popular metal Swingline 747 model, decorated in NFL glory. Only about half of the teams are available at this time, but more popular teams like the Steelers, Cowboys and Packers are in stock.

Even better, the NFL staplers are part of a larger rebate with Acco Brands! These, along with other great items like Quartet dry-erase boards, At-A-Glance planners and GBC presentation materials, are eligible for a rebate that will get you a gift card for You could earn up to a $100 gift card, so check out all the details here. The rebate runs through the end of the year.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Get a Free Glass Marker Board By Buying A Swingline Shredder

The importance of having a paper shredder handy at your desk can't be understated. Privacy laws require certain companies to destroy sensitive information. Even when it isn't a legal issue, the risk of identity theft and corporate espionage means slicing up old credit cards and personal data offers peace of mind. Many offices don't have enough shredders to go around or overwork the shredders that are present. More shredders to accommodate more desks or departments are always a good idea, and now there's a way to get something to else to help the office- a free glass marker board!

Acco Brands is running a promotion in September and October where purchases of a qualifying Swingline shredder are eligible for a rebate for a Quartet glass marker board. Shredders that qualify range from small office use to heavy-duty Stack-and-Shred units that can accommodate entire departments, shredding entire reams of paper on their own while you go back to work.

Glass marker boards are some of the trendiest office products around. They're stylish and aren't as susceptible to ghosting the way melamine boards are. Put up marker boards to promote collaboration among employees or replace outdated or worn out boards in your conference room. The better the shredder purchased, the bigger the marker board you'll get!