Friday, July 15, 2016

The Right Equipment to Extend Your Pokémon Go Expeditions

A week after its release, it feels like everybody is playing the new Pokémon Go game, finally realizing their childhood dreams of becoming Pokémon trainers. The augmented reality game spreads its monsters around the world and tasks its users to travel across the land searching for them, which appear in real life through the phone's camera. Local landmarks serve as stops to replenish game supplies or gyms for battling. It's already the most popular mobile game in the country, and catching up or surpassing social apps like Twitter and Snapchat in daily usage.

The most important part of the game is exploration. While you're on your own to stock up on in-game supplies, the need to walk around means there are real life items that you should have in your inventory. Wear comfortable shoes, dress for the weather, wear bright clothing at night, and don't forget to stay hydrated. Once you've got yourself taken care of, make sure to turn your attention to your phone. Pokémon Go is a notorious battery drainer, and you'd hate to have to cut your journey short because your phone no longer works. Come prepared with a spare power bank to keep it running for as long as you are.

For USB devices such as Android phones, the Weego rechargeable battery pack fits in your pocket, includes a 2' long USB cord and can recharge your phone as much as three times over before needing recharging itself, extending the length of your trips. Other portable power adapters are available for iPhones. Exploring outdoors increases the chance for accidents, so a phone case is also a must. If you're really crafty, you can combine the two!

This phone case for the iPhone 6 doubles as a charging unit! This offers extra battery life without the extra device in your pocket. It's another way to lighten your load and prolong your adventure. Good hunting!


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