Friday, August 19, 2016

Fashion Dorms and Classrooms the Way You Want With Command Strips

Preparing for the new school year doesn't always involve the essentials for class. For college students staying in a dorm or a teacher determined to utilize the entire classroom, feeling comfortable in their environment is vital. Faced with enough challenges and stress as it is, why not make it easy to transform your allotted space into something that's actually you? With space at a premium, the easiest way to do that is to utilize the walls, and Command strips make that possible, even when you can't put holes in the walls.

Command strips are easy to use adhesive-strips that attach both to the object you're mounting and the surface you're mounting it too. Once the adhesive is allowed to set, they attach together securely. Once it needs to come down, the adhesive can be removed from either surface. Different strips are available for different weights. Basic 1 lb. strips can hold clips or small pictures. Larger pictures and hangers have special strips available, while specialty hooks are designed for hanging.

It's easy to transform your space with Command strips, even without nails and pins. This Pinterest board has all sorts of ideas for sprucing up your dorm room using the many products Command has available. For the classroom, consider using hooks to hang coats and bags, mounting educational and motivational posters to the wall, and other d├ęcor to encourage yourself and students.


  1. These command strips are really handy and light. No need to drill holes into dorm walls. I'm sure students from will use these this school year.

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