Thursday, November 10, 2016 Olympics

There's a classic episode of The Office where the Dunder-Mifflin team organizes a series of “Olympic” games around the office- trash can basketball or Flonkerton, the Icelandic “box of paper snowshoe racing” sport. The idea proved popular, and many offices started their own version of the Office Olympics. And why not? They provide fun activities for the entire team, unite departments that may not collaborate much, and possibly reuse yogurt lids. Or have a proper trophy!

Once a quarter the entire office squares off in a different competition, with this trophy, a gift card and pride on the line. Events have included a bean bag toss tournament in the warehouse, giant Jenga in one of the conference rooms, or ladder ball and ring toss outside. There have even been team games like a Pictionary competition. This month is a Thanksgiving-themed Wild Turkey Hunt, sending our Olympians through the warehouse looking for printed cards with random point values.

With the help of some big point turkeys, customer service representative Veronica won the round and will go on to the finals to play for the trophy!


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