Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Creating a Fun and Healthy Work Atmosphere

What kind of workplace atmosphere do you have? Making sure employees are happy and productive might be the basic questions to ask, but creating a positive workplace goes beyond those. Some of the keys are fundamental- working equipment, good lighting, and dedicated space for taking breaks are easy things to undervalue when planning a work space, but can make a huge difference in employee morale and efficiency.

Other things might be considered supplemental, but suggest that a company goes the extra mile to care for everybody in the family. At OfficeSupply.com, these nice extras make for a fun and friendly environment that cares for everybody who works here.

OfficeSupply.com is committed to employee health, offering many ways to stay healthy throughout the day. Anyone in the company is free to use our treadmill desk, which is set up to do work or take phone calls while keeping your feet moving. Those wishing to stay at their workstation can take advantage of a desk bike to get the blood pumping. Also, everyone is free to install a standing desk system, giving us another way to work on our feet and avoid the health problems caused by too much sitting.

 Our collaboration area invites employees to get together and discuss ideas. The couch and chairs are nice for informal meetings, the dry erase easel invites brainstorming, and the table is networked to allow multiple people to use the same computer. This allows projects to be introduced or worked on without occupying a meeting room.


Throughout the month, we have a number of holiday events to bring us together. We invited everybody to decorate their office or workstation, with a prize for the winner (chosen by visitors to our Facebook page). Besides a fun contest, the end result is a more festive atmosphere throughout the entire office. Other events later this month will include an ugly sweater contest and a hot cocoa bar.


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