Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Gear Up with Organizational Items for 2017

The new year is almost upon us! The change in calendars marks a good time to think about the clutter you've got around the house and your workspace. More inevitably will come in during 2017, so being able to manage, organize and filter out paperwork and other space-eating items might be the first test of the new year. This organization page will help generate some ideas, with great deals on space-saving and item-identifying products you may need before settling into the new year.

Every household needs a filing cabinet to store important records. If you don't have one yet, or need to upgrade, consider picking up one of our models. This will offer you space to file documents, either by year or by category, and have them easily accessible when you need them. If records need to be retained but don't need to be instantly available, stock up on Bankers Boxes to store folders and other important documents.

If tidying up for the new year leaves you with a bunch of boxes, consider a Dymo thermal label printer to identify everything. These printers are portable and easy to use with a keyboard and variable sizes and fonts available. Use it for boxes, cabinets, or any other place a personalized label will help keep you organized.

Other organizational items on sale include shelving units, desktop reference systems, file sorters and more! The sale runs through the end of the year.


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