Thursday, January 12, 2017

Free Laminator Rebate From 3M

It’s hard to appreciate how useful a laminator is until you have one and start using it. Until you’ve got the tool at your disposal, you may not think about how many papers around your desk or posted around the office carry important information that should be preserved in case they’re damaged or accidentally discarded. Laminating is easy and not only protects sheets of paper, but makes them feel significant. Now, you have an opportunity to get a Scotch laminator free!

The TL-906 laminator has a short warm-up time, is easy to use, and has a feed mechanism designed to prevent jamming. It offers professional quality lamination in a small package. To claim a free one, all you need to do is buy five packs of laminating pouches, which are required to use the product anyway! This will qualify you for a rebate to get the laminator at no charge!

Two other rebates from 3M work much the same- buy the product to get the free dispenser! These dispensers go hand-in-hand with a sleek design and a fine rose gold color, and available with the purchase of one qualifying Post-It Note or Scotch Tape product. All three rebates run until June 30.


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