Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Good Eating Habits on the Job

Many people think about ways they can eat healthier. Most will put it to practice at least some of the time, choosing better options when eating out or making meals at home. But for the best results, eating right can’t be a part-time hobby. It requires a full commitment no matter where you are. That can be tricky in the workplace, where the priority is on getting your work done and/or staying alert through the entire day. Eating right during the work day is still very important, and we have some advice for sticking to a plan even on the job.

The problems with trying to eat healthy during work are the constant focus on doing the job, being limited to only the food you brought in advance, and not always having enough time to eat. This makes it easy to settle for whatever food is around, taking a cheaper and less healthy option. Or you may spend your lunch break fixated on your monitor or your screen instead of thinking about how much you’re eating.

The one advantage to your work schedule is that it is a schedule. That means you can set times for eating. Make a routine out of your snack and lunch break and stick to it. Now you’re not worrying about when you can get them done, but rather what foods you’ll select. Fresh fruit (or even healthy fruit snacks) and low-fat beef jerky are good options that help provide energy for the day. Equally important is taking your breaks away from your desk. It reduces the likelihood for distractions, gets you off your chair and walking, and keeps your desk clean and free of germs.

While we’d never deny anyone their morning cup of coffee, drinking water regularly is essential. A lack of water can lead to feeling tired and hungry, both easy ways to get off course. Bring a water bottle and use it regularly. You should also consider bringing last night’s leftovers for a lunch option. If you’re committed to eating right, it will be healthier than most alternatives, faster, and can save you money.

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