Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Never Run Out of Breakroom or Employee Health Supplies

When you think about spare office supplies, you’re probably looking at the cabinet full of extra paper clips and Post-It notes. Those aren’t the only items where having plenty of stock makes a lot of sense. This month’s Warehouse Deals page emphasizes surplus for the breakroom and employee health, offering items that are easy to run out of and important to have on hand.

Your break room always needs replenishment. Whether employees are going for coffee, water, or other beverages, you can never have enough cups for them. You’ll want to have cups for hot and cold drinks- paper for hot beverages and plastic for water, juice, and soda. Plastic silverware is also necessary- particularly spoons. A box of 1,000 is now on sale.

How many hand sanitizer dispensers are around the office? Are they available for every desk? Are there stands for each department and outside meeting rooms? Sanitizer should be available at each workstation and in public areas where germs can spread. That means a lot of dispensers, which creates the need for a good stock to have on hand. You’ll find deals on a two-liter bottle or a 12-pack of 8 oz. Purell dispensers, and boxes holding 120 sanitizing wipes.

Warehouse Deals are here until the end of the month!

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