Monday, January 9, 2017

New Year, New Office! Freshen Your Workspace in 2017

Take a look around the desk in your office. It should be familiar and comfortable and efficient to you, but when’s the last time you made any major changes to it? Has your space evolved through the years or is it the same chair and monitor and lamp you had when you started? Are you sure they’re letting you be at your most productive? Every new year invites everyone to rethink who they are and to try some new things. Improving your office space is an easy place to start.

Check out our New Year, New Office page for a number of great ideas for big-ticket upgrades to your office. Does your desk space work for the way you use it? If you need more storage or your work surfaces need to be positioned better, a new desk may be worth the investment. Selected Bush and Hon desks are now on sale. If folders and record keeping space is becoming scarce, consider a new file cabinet from Lorell. How about your seating? If your current chair is wearing out or uncomfortable, we have models on sale from Alera, OIF, Lorell, and Hon.

This is also a good time to convert your desk into a sit-stand workstation. Standing desks allow you to work either sitting or standing, improving metabolism, alertness, and posture. We have several models available that adjust your keyboard and monitor to allow work from either position. Options on sale include Lorell and Victor for converters where the monitor stands on the surface, and Ergotron and Balt for models where the monitor (or monitors in dual screen stations) mounts.

In addition to all these great products on sale, our New Year, New Office page also has coupons available for any refurbishing. Right now, get $20 off an order with at least $100 worth of office decor products such as lamps, frames, or other decorations!

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