Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Add Red and Pink to Your Supply Collection on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today’s a day for love and romance, and if you’re feeling extra festive you may want to keep the spirit alive by adding a touch of romantic color to your office supplies. More reds and pinks can add a splash of warmth to your stock. For today only, our Valentine’s Day flash sale shows some love to a number of themed items!

Why settle for all of your file folders being the same manila color? Expand the palette a little with Smead’s colored file folders. Make a statement with a drawer of pink folders, or get multiple colors to add an extra level of organization. You can also get Post-It Notes or a box of highlighters all in pink as well. To get some red on your desk, try the Black n’ Red hardcover notebook. These are designed for takings notes in the office and the sharp color will stand out.

To get straight to the point and express your love for Valentine’s Day, these pencils have a special Valentine’s theme and make a great gift. They can also be incorporated into holiday projects or notes for a special someone (perhaps on pink paper).

For some holiday treats, we also have a special on Swedish Fish and a giant tub of Red Vines. You can find all our sale items here for the rest of the day!


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