Thursday, February 16, 2017

Buy Smart to Get the Right Products For You

When it comes to office supplies, few items are one size fits all. Even products you may think are basic commodities are specialized and tailored to different situations. Staplers, for example, are designed differently to focus on ease of use, stapling a large number of sheets, or swapping different size staples. Buying smart doesn’t only mean finding the best prices on the products you need. Going cheap might mean ending up with something that won’t do what you want. You need to think about how each product is going to work for you and shop accordingly. Take a look at some discounted products on our Smart Buys page for some examples.

Envelopes are a simple example. While it’s easy to pick up a box of envelopes without thinking, there is a specific type for what you need. If you’re mailing invoices, windowed envelopes save you the step of generating address labels. Security envelopes are essential for transactions with dollar amounts, account numbers, or anything that needs to stay hidden. If you’re mailing a large number of envelopes, you’ll want self-sealing or peel-and-seal envelopes... unless you have a sealing machine and you need to stick to gummed seals. There’s a lot to think about.

Your desk chair might be the most important thing in the office to get right. You need to create the right fit for both your comfort and the time you spend in it. Do you need a chair that helps support your neck or back? How much will you want to adjust for height, tilt, or lumbar support? Do you prefer a mesh seat or leather, vinyl or fabric? Given how much you sit on your chair every day, if you haven’t thought about these questions when selecting your current chair, you should look into your options.

Our Smart Buys page is a good starting point when looking around for different products. Some envelopes, chairs, and highlighters are on sale, with rebates and coupons for markers, dry erase boards, and privacy filters. Take your time, figure out what you need in each product, and buy smart!


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