Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Clearance Products to Get You Through the Rest of Winter

We’re almost there! The end of winter is almost in sight and we’re ready for spring to get here. In fact, our winter clearance sale has begun, with dozens of products marked down and ready to leave shelves. Many are there to keep you, your home, or your office warm, clean, and safe from the cold weather. Here are a few products that can still help through the final month and into spring.

What sort of condition are your company’s floor mats in? Are they still absorbing all the moisture that gets tracked in? Is all the dirt getting scraped off? If not, and you’re somewhere with a long winter or a wet spring, now’s a good time to upgrade your indoor or outdoor floor mat. We have several Crown mats for sale that serve either purpose; just find the right size and texture for your needs.

Of course, that won’t keep all the dirt out, so you’ll find plenty of cleaning products on clearance, including bleach, multipurpose cleaner, and disinfecting wipes.

It’s hard to imagine getting through the rest of the season without one more cold snap. Knowing that, and with future winters to consider, now is a great time to add a heater for the home or office. Many are listed on our clearance page, giving you a number of options based on room size, intensity, and portability. Along with a cozy room, additional items such as hand sanitizer and a humidifier can help ward off potential illnesses.

Our clearance sale runs through the end of the month!


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