Thursday, February 9, 2017

Rebate Roundup! Cash Back for Getting Organized

On top of all the great savings we normally offer, our rebate page is a chance to earn even more back. Opportunities to claim free items, gift cards, and even cash are available from manufacturers if you buy the right items and fill out the information. Here are three rebates available through the first quarter of 2017 that will reward you for getting organized.

Bankers Box is always a go-to choice for archiving files and creating stackable storage. Both the Presto and Mystic series feature boxes that assemble in an instant, leaving less busy work and more time filling them and cleaning out desks and cabinets. They even feature locking lids, preventing boxes from accidentally opening and threatening its contents. Now, ordering $100 of one of the two earns you a cash rebate- $25 for Mystic boxes and $30 for Presto boxes!

Through the end of April, Swingline, Quartet, and Cambridge are running a flexible rebate program on a number of their items including dry erase boards, staplers, and shredders. The amount you earn back increases the more you buy, but will be about 10% cash back. Bigger departmental shredders have their own rebate offers, going up as high as $750! A wide variety of products are available, making this a great way to pick up several different kinds of office essentials and accessories.

Victor is rewarding desk organization with a free gift. Right now, you can earn a free pencil holder by ordering one of seven qualifying products- options include monitor risers that add storage space under your screen, a printer stand with trays for paper and accessories, and desktop organizers with up to five compartments. Like the Fellowes rebate, the Victor offer lasts until the end of March.

Check our our rebate page for a full list of all the great offers!


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