Thursday, February 23, 2017

Tombow- Quality Correction Tape, Adhesives and Art Products

For more than 100 years, Tombow has been an industry leader in affordable, quality office and art products. Here, it’s a name mostly recognized in specific groups such as artists or scrapbook enthusiasts. But in Japan, Tombow is a household name as a maker of wood pencils. Children there grew up with Tombow pencils the way Americans had Dixon Ticonderoga. Tombow still makes pencils, but here they’re associated with a range of products with the common thread being consistent quality.

The pencils Tombow sells here are mostly for drawing. Drawing pencils are designed to withstand heavy use and resist smearing, and Tombow’s packs include pencils of various hardness to produce different shades. Also popular for artists are dual brush markers using blendable, non-bleeding water-based ink. Each pen has two tips- a fine tip for lines or other precise work and a brush for coloring with broader strokes.

Along with writing utensils, Tombow has also made a name for itself through a pair of running tape products. Whether adhesive or correction tape, tape runners can be very finicky, sometimes tangling, not sticking to the paper, or not advancing properly. Tombow tape dispensers avoid these problems better than many of its competitors in both its adhesive tape series popular with scrapbookers and its correction tape- a useful item to have around the office.

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